Premium Quality Bath And Kitchen Renovation Services In Boston, MA, And Nearby Areas

PROTO HOME SERVICE is committed to providing Premium Quality Bath And Kitchen Renovation services you can depend on near you in the Quincy, MA area.

The kitchen and bathroom are two of the most used rooms in your home or business. Whether you run a restaurant or have a large family to feed, if you are constantly cooking and washing dishes, you are putting a daily strain on your sinks and pipes. Every bathroom, residential or commercial, gets a significant amount of use, leading to wear and tear over time. However, you don’t want to neglect your home’s plumbing. As your kitchen and bathroom plumbing system ages and needs more repairs, you should begin to think about replacing it.

If you are experiencing issues with your kitchen sink or the toilets in your bathrooms, Proto Home Service can help. We are trained to assist you with any type of bath and kitchen renovation project.

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PROTO HOME SERVICE is Here for All of Your Bath And Kitchen Renovation Plumbing Needs!

It probably won’t come as a surprise that repairs to kitchen and bathroom fixtures are some of the most common calls we get. We understand that when a toilet is leaking or a drain is clogged, it can disrupt your home life or your business operation. That is why Proto Home Service is committed to providing some of the best Bath and Kitchen Renovation services Boston, MA.

Bath And Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen Renovation

The kitchen is the workhorse of the family and more than 50% of the household work is completed in the kitchen.

Fixtures Install

According to a superstition, leaking pipes or taps encourage your finances to flow out of your house. Whether you believe it or not, do you really want to take any chance here? Besides this, if you’re not fixing a small leak today, you might end up spending a lot on that later.

Shower Valve Install

Are you looking for a reputable shower valve installation service PROTO HOME SERVICE is your perfect choice!

Bathroom Renovations

No matter whether your bathroom requires a basic remodelling or conversion from tub to shower, the bath renovations services are ready to help with the complete solutions.

Tub Installation

From faucets to pipes, our bathtub installation work is unrivaled. Our experts can attach your bathtub for you. You can trust our undertaking. 

Kitchen Faucets Install & Repair

There is no doubt that having the perfect kitchen faucets install & Repair can make a huge difference in your overall kitchen aesthetic. 

Plumbing RePiping

Most of the homeowners face problems with pipes and have other plumbing issues at home that disrupt their activities in daily life.

Shower Valve Repair

Showers are a necessity, so when your shower isn’t working, you’re stuck. Fortunately, PROTO HOME SERVICE offers quick shower valve repair.

Kitchen Sink Installation

The kitchen sink installation is a project that many homeowners dread. However, if done correctly, it can be a relatively easy and affordable repair

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