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About Boiler Repair Service

Heat is essential in everyone’s daily lives. In fact, heat is used to some extent in your daily activities whether it is to warm up the surroundings or to cook food. There are often warning signs that a boiler is malfunctioning or approaching the end of its service life. 

Paying attention to these warning signs can help you to resolve the issue before it becomes an emergency. If you notice any of the following symptoms, you have to look for boiler repair near you by searching for boiler repair near me on the internet.

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What are the Warning Signs for Boiler Repair Service to Consider?

Have a look at the warning signs that you need to consider for boiler repair right below.

Boiler Repair Service in Boston

Clanging or Banging Sounds from the Boiler

Banging noises from the boiler indicate cavitation, which occurs when a steam bubble suddenly pops, allowing air or water to rush in and replace it. Cavitation indicates that something has gone wrong as the boiler should not be running hot enough to produce steam bubbles. Cavitation is also bad for the boiler as the vibration it causes can damage the boiler and its valves. At this point, there is a need to hire boiler repair near me for their maintenance or repair.

A Yellow Pilot Light

The pilot light flame’s usual blue color is caused by the mixing of natural gas and oxygen as they enter the combustion chamber. When there is too much natural gas and not enough oxygen, the flame turns yellow. This imbalance could be caused by clogged air inlets or a boiler defect that allows too much gas to enter the chamber. When there is insufficient oxygen, combustion becomes inefficient, resulting in soot that can damage valves and ductwork. During this situation, you can have the commercial boiler repair if it happens to the boiler system of your commercial area.

Unusual High Gas Bills

If your boiler runs on natural gas, a leak would result in an increase in your gas bill. The smell of sulfur around the boiler or gas pipes is another sign of a gas leak. Natural gas manufacturers add an odorous chemical to natural gas to help detect leaks. A gas leak is a major disaster. You should look for professionals of commercial boiler repair right away so that they can locate and repair the leak. Make sure to remove all people and pets from the house or commercial area and also avoid creating any sparks or flames that could cause an explosion during the services.

Why Choose Us?

Having a team of experts, PROTO HOME SERVICE recommends that boilers should be serviced at least once a year. They are committed to rendering high-quality boiler repair or maintenance services. An annual check-up allows their technicians to correct any issues before you restart the boiler, potentially preventing damage or wear and tear on the system.

If you ever find rust or corrosion, leak, or any other above-mentioned signs on your boiler system, do not forget to contact them. It is time to have a better experience with PROTO HOME SERVICE

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