how to detect a leak

How to detect a leak? The water leak in your house can be an expensive problem, causing property damage and requiring expensive repairs. They can also be caused by a variety of problems, which can be difficult to detect or predict. Below, we’ll outline some of the best ways to find a leak before it can hurt your home.

How to Detect a Leak

how to detect a leak

The signs of a water leak in your home are sometimes quick to find, but they can also be more elusive (especially if they occur underground, outside, or in less obvious areas of your home). The most obvious sign of an otherwise invisible leak may be an unusual increase in your water bill. Another excellent way to determine if you are dealing with a potential leak is to check your water meter for usage. To accurately check this meter for a leak, you’ll first need to shut off all water in your home. If the meter continues to show usage after a couple hours, then you are likely dealing with a leak.

Checking – and worrying – about potential plumbing leaks isn’t a fun task. To keep ahead of this potential problem, homeowners can also consider a leak detection system. The Proto Home Service Plumbing & Heating team is more than happy to counsel and help with the installation of a leak detection system for your home! If you have concerns about a leak in your home and aren’t sure how to detect it, we are here to help.

Benefits of Installing a Leak Detection System

Leak Detection System

Leak detection systems allow you to catch plumbing leaks as soon as they occur, preventing expensive damage. As a homeowner, they give you peace of mind. They also allow you to skip the time-consuming and often frustrating process of trying to determine if a leak may be occurring.

How Does a Leak Detection System Work?

Leak detection systems work by monitoring water flow through the pipes in your home. Any abnormalities in your pipes will be detected. To prevent damage, the system will cut off water flow by closing valves. Anything from burst pipes to an overflowing tub can be caught before it can cause larger issues. Leak detection systems can be installed both at specific areas (such as under your sink) or as whole-house detection systems.

Leaking pipes can add up and cost homeowners both money and time, as well as plenty of headaches. The Proto Home Service Plumbing & Heating team can help you detect leaking pipes in your home, fix the issue, and prevent it from occurring again. Don’t wait if you think this problem may be happening in your home – contact us today! We’re available to help 24/7.