sewer line rooter service

Sewer Line Rooter Service Process

A blocked or damaged sewer line can cause significant issues for homes and businesses alike. When dealing with sewer line issues and blockages, you may require rooter service. If you have concerns about potential issues with your sewer line, we strongly recommend reaching out to a professional team of plumbing experts.

What is Rooter Service and How Does it Work?

sewer line rooter service

Rooter service – a name that initially came from the common issue of roots growing and interfering with sewer lines – now refers to drain cleaning that can keep your sewer line functional. Most commonly, this refers to clearing out slow and clogged pipes. Rooter service works by clearing away blockages in your sewer line. Once blocked pipes are clear, a rooter service may also involve pipe repair for damaged and corroded sewer lines.

When Do I Need Rooter Service?

sewer line rooter service

If you are dealing with potential sewer line problems and blockages, you may notice foul odors, toilets and sinks that function improperly or gurgle when used, and slow drainage. In more extreme cases, water and sewage may back up through your plumbing system.

Rooter service is also used to solve smaller problems, such as slow drains or clogs isolated to only a specific part of your home rather than your entire sewer system. This can often occur as a result of food debris, grease, or hair clogging certain drains.

When dealing with smaller secondary clogs, like in kitchen sinks or bathtubs, a DIY solution may work to resolve the issue. However, we don’t recommend using drain cleaner. The chemicals in drain cleaner can damage your pipes over time. A better solution is enzyme drain treatments, which are safer for your plumbing. Enzyme drain treatments work by utilizing concentrated enzymes to break down organic material. Proto Home Service Plumbing & Heating provides enzyme drain treatment services for our customers.

If you are experiencing problems with your drains or plumbing, our team at Proto Home Service Plumbing & Heating is available 24/7 to help you diagnose issues and provide solutions such as rooter services. We are your plumbing and rooter service experts for Brookline, Boston, and all areas surrounding Boston. Don’t hesitate to give us a call at (617) 842-9104 or contact us online.